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Name Omar Salah

Position Passenger

Rank Mister

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 164 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Omar’s naturally olive skin has darkened to a deep tan. His medium length, wavy hair is frequently worn with a top knot or tail while still loose at the back and sides and he wears a neatly trimmed, separate moustache and beard. He has rings in both ears, several in each, his nose and on every finger. The soles of his feet are as tough as leather from never having worn shoes or boots in his life and he usually wears light, loose clothing, often brightly coloured. It is not unusual for him to be bare chested revealing an array of tattoos and scars covering his tightly muscled lean torso; his right arm in particular is covered from shoulder to wrist in a full tattoo sleeve.
Skills & Abilities Omar is the epitome of a Jack of all Trades. He is skilled at a range of circus skills from juggling to walking the tightrope and is a natural acrobat and climber with outstanding balance. He has worked in every department on board a ship from deckhand to kitchen boy to War Dog and has lately picked up various land-based labouring and maintenance skills as well as turning his dexterity to pick-pocketing and street con games such as the Shell Game.

In terms of combat he generally prefers curved, single-edged swords such as scimitars or oriental broadswords – often wielding one in each hand - with which he combines a mixture of dancing, acrobatics and martial arts of his own concoction, mostly designed to confuse and intimidate an opponent but an effective combination nonetheless. He is also skilled with throwing knives, darts and stars as his ranged weapons of choice.

He is charming, gregarious and a teller of tall tales. He is also a natural mimic and good with languages.
Body Modifications Omar considers himself fortunate to have all of his own limbs except for one gold tooth (top left incisor). His ears are pierced several times, as his right nostril and he has a great many tattoos which, like his scars, he is more than willing to discuss at length: Be warned though, each and every one has its own story attached, although not necessarily the same story every time, so make sure you have a fresh drink at hand when you ask.
Equipment & Gadgets Omar generally carries no possessions beyond a pair of swords, various throwing blades and his jewellery. These are about the only items that he would consider as his personal belongs and off-limits to the rest of the crew. Unfortunately he tends to apply the same narrow concept of ownership to other people’s items as well.

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses While he can turn his hand to practically anything he lacks the experience and depth of knowledge that a specialist would possess in any particular area. He has never had any formal schooling and is still unable to read or write; something he is keen to remedy.

While he has only a vague concept of personal ownership and will kill without hesitation if necessary, he is not a cruel man. This has proven to be both a strength and a weakness over the years.

He is slow to anger, quick to forgive and even quicker to smile and is invariably expressly polite. He has a tendency towards vanity, is allergic cats and is a surprisingly weak swimmer.
Hobbies & Interests Omar enjoys wine, particularly red, and considers himself something of a connoisseur; a relatively easy delusion to support among a largely uncultured pirate crew. Despite his Qarabian origins he does not much care for the taste of coffee - he is more used to the more delicate flavour of tea from the Far East.

Lately he has decided that he should learn to read and write and he would like to expand his knowledge beyond practical or performing skills.


Personal History Omar was born into the circus, the son of The Flying Salahs a famous trapeze act of Qarabian origins. The circus was in his blood and he was a quick study, learning all of the skills that were available to him. When he was fourteen the circus train was attacked by the brutal Gamsham pirate Qingshan. Everyone was killed except the young Omar; the pirate took a personal liking to the boy and took him as his cabin boy. Three months later Omar drove a knife through the captain’s throat while he slept.

When the former first mate stepped into the Captain’s role he spared the boy and Omar travelled with the pirates ravaging the Far East for nearly fifteen. Roughly two years ago there was a mutiny, half the crew were killed but Omar ended up stranded on Tsuri Island. He eventually worked his passage to the Old West where he has been scraping a living from various menial jobs and petty crime across the region.
Family None.

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