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Name Daenelia Bradley

Position Captain

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 1.73m
Weight 68kg
Hair Color Dark blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Captain Bradley is a tough woman, who has sailed the skies for many a year. She wears her curly hair in a loose bun, with strands of hair escaping. She often wears a bandana to keep her unruly hair in place under her round pirate hat. Daenelia is quite strong and has a muscled physique without looking like a bodybuilder. She wears wide trousers, tucked in over the knee boots. On special occasions she will wear a smooth red silk top, but normally she wears a simple cotton blouse with an under-shirt.
Skills & Abilities Her leadership skills are dubious, but she does have the power to inspire people and get the best out of them. She can row, sail, knot nets and fish, climb trees and rock faces, and has other survival skills.
Body Modifications None. Daenelia may have some battle scars, but they only hinder here when it gets cold and the scars itch and irritate.
Equipment & Gadgets Daenelia has an old flintlock pistol at her side at all times. It appears to be an heirloom, and holds sentimental value for her. Hidden in her boot is a dagger. And she often carries a revolver when she is off ship.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Daenelia Bradley loves to travel and find new adventures on her route. She is a people-person, and manages her crew with a loose hand. She is only very strict when one of the few rules is broken and will punish harshly if needed.
Strengths & Weaknesses She likes people. Sometimes she likes people more than finding loot. Her big weakness is people with a sad story. But she is easily angered by liars.
Hobbies & Interests She actually has a great interest in history and old artifacts. As a pirate she will loot any treasure she can, but she likes finding something with a history attached to it.

She also likes dancing, which is why she always makes sure there is a musician aboard.


Personal History Young Daenelia was born into a shopkeeper's family. Her mother and father disappeared one day and left her and her younger brother on their own. Daenelia 'acquired' a little rowboat at age 17 and rowed up and down the river between three minor towns carrying goods.

At 18 she got her first job on board a pirate ship.

It was her brother who won a small sky ship in a card game. Not long after, he was murdered for some other gambling debts, and the ship came into Daenelia's possession. She found an engineer and a couple of deckhands and took off as soon as possible, to avoid losing the ship. This ship blew up after 2 years, and Daenelia used her savings (and those of her crew) to purchase a new and bigger ship. By this time, she was making a small name as a pirate.

Her biggest source of income is pillaging stranded sky ships. A sky ship without enough dextrocite to continue moving forwards is an easy target, and its lower ranked crew is often grateful being rescued before the ship loses its ability to keep afloat.
Family Father and mother are missing.

Brother is dead.

Image Credits

Image Credits Captain Daenelia with Scarf drawn by Pyrochan, Pyro at DeviantArt
Young Daenelia, Image drawn by me, base body by Lady Hazy

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