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A new passenger has knocked on the door

Posted on Wed May 7th, 2014 @ 9:52am by Captain Daenelia Bradley

A little announcement about our latest addition to the team: Andy, who will be bringing Ophelia on board, and her spinster aunt. Ophelia has just knocked on the door of the Peacock's carriage.

That means we have a great opportunity to follow that up with a post about how Ophelia gets captured and held hostage. You can brainstorm with us on the forum about options, possibilities, what sounds like fun, how can we get even deeper in trouble...

Of course at the same time, Omar is still out there on the train, and Laure is trying to find a way to take Brem up on his offer of visiting the carriage. And what happened to Ashrieda, Shanen en Daenelia; that's something that is as good as ready to be posted, right, Shannon? ;)

That's where we are. Unfortunately, Five and I will not be on as much the coming few days, until after the weekend. We've gotten a few new toys (board games...) and are planning a visit to a maritime museum as well. Five has not seen his desk in a couple of days, and this time it is not due to the junk on its surface.

Still, we check stuff, we're available for questions, and general banter. Go on and write :)


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Category: General News
Tags: new member, story update


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