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Final post chapter 9 is underway

Posted on Tue Mar 4th, 2014 @ 1:52pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley

Hey everyone,

We're glad to see so many people are excited about the new chapter coming up, so we are striving to get the final climatic post of the current chapter up as soon as possible. Every active writer on the site is included in it, so we can all add something to it. Don't feel pressured to add if you lack time or inspiration, as there are plenty of writers with ideas to finish the post and include any character and NPC.

Ideas for the next chapter can be put forward on the forum as always, especially if you are looking for a co-writer for a particular plot. For instance, the one where Shanen gets his watch back.

And looking forwards: please give us your views and ideas on Chapter 10's title in this forum poll.

Let's get this wrapped up!


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Category: General News
Tags: Chapter 9, Chapter 10


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