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Ohnoes! What will happen next?

Posted on Thu Nov 14th, 2013 @ 11:06am by Captain Daenelia Bradley

In the latest post we have seen the arrest of our crewmate Chago. This will surely affect your character in some way, so why not write a little reaction post, either solo or with some others. Don't forget: you can also write for NPCs. Keep in mind what their previous thoughts on Chago were to make it an accurate reaction. I would say Nate would not be too upset, but Herring and Ivan probably will be.

Also note that Herring has been arrested himself for doing nothing wrong, so that will colour his perception too. Even more so, the fact that his mates set up a rescue mission, which might give Herring the idea that the same will be done for Chago. For continuity sake, I do want to state here that the captain would advise against it, because of the circumstances. In any case, it should fail, to give Elena a chance to write out her plot.

I, for one, really would like to see the events surrounding Chago's arrest ripple through more posts from now on. Either by including a general distrust from people outside the crew, or mentioning the arrest, or debating full on if one can see Chago as innocent at all. After all, they are all pirates and criminals.

Lastly, I would like to point out that at the moment we have 5 active writers, which means there are not a lot of character combinations. I urge you to write solo posts as well, to keep the momentum up. Solo posts are quicker, because you do not have to wait days on a reply. And we need momentum.

Even if we write solo-posts, we are still writing together! Just read the story so far and hook in!


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