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War dog kitling and new skin

Posted on Tue Aug 20th, 2013 @ 11:17am by Captain Daenelia Bradley

A kitling has joined the crew as a war dog. Or war cat. We don't know. But Shuji will be writing for this awesome little warrior called Clawhawk Hunt. Feel free to start posts!

And you may have noticed that we have a new skin: it is all brighter and cheerier, I think. But if you prefer the old Steamhawke skin, you can change your skin settings in Site Options in your control panel. Steam is the name of this new skin, Hawke is the one for the old brown skin.

Note that the other skins work fine, but do not have a chatbox on their templates. If anyone really prefers the other skins, and wants the chatbox on them, just pm me.

Looking forward to chapter 9

Go to the forum and cast your vote on how we proceed in chapter 9. The direct link to the poll can be found in the OOC chat post in your control panel.


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Category: General News
Tags: new member, chapter 9, skin


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