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Chapter 8 - in which we finally landed in the Old West

Posted on Wed Jun 12th, 2013 @ 10:21am by Captain Daenelia Bradley

Chapter 8 Pirates and Cowboys has started. There is an OOC post for chapter 8 in which all current members are included and invited to discuss plots. You can focus on your character's personal plot or throw in ideas for the overal hunt for the treasure.

Currently we have 14 members. To give active writers a better idea of who is available for posting, I have turned on the option to filter contributors to posts. This means that even if you are included in a post as a writer, but you have not contributed to that post you will noy be credited or linked once the post is published. This will give us a more honest overview of who actually wrote in what post.

I have also asked a few of the less active writers whether they still are interested in continuing at Steamhawke. This will free up some positions on board or hopefully get some writers back into the story.

To help new writers get started, I also drew up a WIP site help article Writer's Help, which outlines what new writers can expect, and what is expected from them. Comments, tips and additions are welcome. It helps to list what you found hard as a new member and how you solved it.

I'd like to invite people to contact Hyren for posts with Harriet, Carol or Ivan the war dog. And to contact Miyra for posts with her new NPC Katherine. Feel free to coordinate joint posts through PM or the shoutbox. Or just start a post and include whoever you want to write with.

Hope this chapter gets us a little closer to that treasure!


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