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End of chapter 7 in sight

Posted on Sat May 18th, 2013 @ 2:03pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley

Long time no news!

We feel that the current chapter has run most of its natural course and that we are all eager to go ashore and further our plots there. With that in mind, we have set an end dat for chapter 7 at 31st of May. Chapter 8 will therefore start on .. yes: 1st of June.

Currently there are a few posts going on, so it would be nice if those could be wrapped up before we end the chapter. The mass post about the storm McGinty predicted will not be the final post, but keep in mind that whether you post your stories before or after, that storm is happening or has happened. Since everyone is included in the mass post, you can follow the plot along, making adjustments to your own posts as needed.

Keep an eye on the OOC posts for the chapters! They contain more information and give you the chance to put plots forward or ask feedback on ideas.


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