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Chapter 7 underway and new member!

Posted on Wed Jan 30th, 2013 @ 9:52pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley

Welcome to our new lookout Miyra! She's already posted twice, so you can tell she is a fun character with depth!

And chapter 7 is finally underway. Going West is the title and it will detail the journey to the Old West, after leaving Seaport. There have been a few ideas flying around in the shoutbox, but also check out the forum for ideas to post about. There are three new characters on board as well, a few passenger NPCs that may be of interest to you.

Feel free to throw ideas for stories around in the forum, the shoutbox, the OOC discussion in your Control Panel or even the wiki. Speaking of the wiki, feel free to add and edit it with the logins I sent you. If you didn't get them, please pm me; I will get you a wiki user account asap.



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