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New engineer on board

Posted on Fri Oct 12th, 2012 @ 8:08am by Captain Daenelia Bradley
Edited on Mon Jan 13th, 2014 @ 11:24am

It's been a while since our last new item, but that does not mean we're standing still! Even in the traditional quiet of September we've managed quite a few interesting posts. And we're currently writing a joint post with active players, where we finally see a clash between The Governor's Men and Rosita's Sons. And the crew of the Steamhawke can't stand by idle.

Besides that, we also have a new engineer since this week: John O' Leary, a young mechanic who will make sure the ship doesn't crash. Unless the Captain gets drunk and crashes it into a mountain.

I also just noted that on October 22nd it will have been a year since I started up Steamhawke. ... I haven't actually planned anything, in case you're wondering. And since the first post was posted on Octobr 30th, I would like to propose we set the anniversary of Steamhawke officially to 'The Last Weekend of October'. That should give me some time to come up with something fun!

As for the current chapter, if anyone would like to flesh out the mysterious Machine Cult that Erm has joined, there is nothing wrong with writing a post from the perspective of these cult members. In fact, that could be quite interesting, and doesn't need to have your character in it. Or, if you think your character would have a nice reaction to this cult, by all means: write it in.

Hope you have a good weekend!


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