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New passenger for Steamhawke

Posted on Fri Apr 13th, 2012 @ 9:22am by Captain Daenelia Bradley
Edited on Mon Jan 13th, 2014 @ 11:09am

While the Steamhawke was lost in the fog, they found the she Amethyst floating in the sky. And thought it was abandonned by its own crew, there is a passenger on board, who will soon be picked up by Steamhawke: Ciprian Cendrars. Take a look at his profile and feel free to contact him about any possible future posts.

Speaking of future posts, if you have not already signed up on the Boarding the Amethyst thread, but would like to see your character included, please pm Five/McGinty, or sign up on the forum.

If you'd rather to a short post with someone else, consider looking through the Character List and picking someone interesting. I am serious about liking to see a post about two characters painting the crew quarters orange, while drunk or under the influence of the alchemical fog. Or use one of the (free) npc's and write your post solo. Our new passenger has shown how perfect a solo post can be.

We are aiming to finish this chapter at the end of the month, which will coincide with an activity sweep. All members who have not logged in or posted in a long long time have received an email about what they wish to do. One member already responded and wishes to write their own farewell post, so that is awesome. I always prefer to see a character's story finish properly. For those who do not or cannot respond, I will write a sweet farewell post when we pull into port, again.

And finally, for lurkers of the site or prospective new members: please check out our OOC-forum as well. Registration is open to anyone interested in Steamhawke, not just for members who write. For writing members of Steamhawke registration is optional, but may be very handy for plotting and finding writing partners. The accounts of forum and site are not linked, members cannot use their site-login to login to the forum.


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