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New War Dog on board

Posted on Wed Mar 28th, 2012 @ 8:20pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley
Edited on Mon Jan 13th, 2014 @ 11:09am

This is your neglicent captain speaking. I have yet to introduce you all to Lorelei Loewe our newest member. She is a tough, uncompromising war dog and will grace our ship with her presence. Go check out her biography in progress and see if your character could maybe talk to her, or find common ground. Or if there is some rivalry option, of course! Don't forget that we can all pm each other with ideas, as well as use our Press Gang forum for finding writing partners.

We've also picked up another NPC, played by Hyren: Ivan. He is introduced in the latest post and carried with him the plot twist! Yes, we now have a direction to go in. This means that the group who were out on the sandbar will be moving back to the ship, so there are possibilities of some a ship posts for your character, before we set off again.

If you have any ideas about the story, or awesome plot twists in mind, feel free to contact me or McGinty/Five. And if you think your character and another should totally paint the crew quarters orange, pm them and get the mayhem started. Ideas for NPC's that you want to play can always be discussed. We're pretty cool with that.


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