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Chapter 3 and New Members

Posted on Sun Jan 8th, 2012 @ 1:29pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley
Edited on Mon Jan 13th, 2014 @ 11:04am

Chapter 2 has ended with a flurry of posts. And chapter 3 has started with a lot of activity too. The Steamhawke is in a new setting, the island Mypos in Elladia, so we are finally free from the constraints of the ship and our ship mates. Your character can join anyone going ashore, if they don't have something special in mind. Laudine the cabin girl is going to try and find her father, handyman Ed will be ashore getting in trouble, Master Gunner Salazar may be available to joint post with too, and the Captain will at some point meet up with the Head of the Council of the King.

There will be taverns to get drunk at, meadows to run around in and feasts to join in with. Treat it as a holiday, before it all goes wrong. We are still on the hunt for the exact location of the mark on the treasure map.

New members!

Welcome to Mister Lleryn Aderyn , who will shortly be introduced as the ship's musician. And Mate Isaak Alkaev who is our new helmsman. Check out their biographies in the Character List.

With Lleryn we also have added a new race, the Ngafr. Half man, half goat, these beings are native to Elladia. There is a new entry on them in the Lore pages (the wiki).

We had to say goodbye to a member who never posted. The promising young doctor, Jasmine, has been moved to inactive after 4 weeks of not logging in. Because she was never introduced, she simply never entered the story and does not need to be written out. We are still 17 members strong and we have 60+ posts in total. I am very happy with the activity, and enjoy reading all the posts, so keep them coming!


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