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Endings - 2011 and chapter 2

Posted on Fri Dec 30th, 2011 @ 3:53pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley
Edited on Mon Jan 13th, 2014 @ 11:04am

I don't know how you all celebrate the end of the year and the start of the new year, but regardless; I hope you have a fun and safe party. Here in The Netherlands people are allowed to set off fireworks and that means lots of loud bangs tomorrow night. Not set off by me, because I am too scared something will explode in my face...

But we will celebrate the start of the new chapter in the first week of the new year. No fireworks, plz. Chapter 3 has been planned to start on Friday the 6th of January. If you are currently in any posts or joint posts, and you want to include them in Chapter 2, (before we land) then please post it in the coming week.

I added a page about Elladia in the Lore pages, so you have an idea what we can do there. Obviously the first thing will be pinpointing where the treasure could be. But this is also a good opportunity for characters or groups of characters to explore the island we will land on. I will post some more information on that later on. And if you have specific wishes (such as 'let there be a pub' ) let me know, so I can note that down as well. My idea is to make a rough map and outline what kind of authority runs the particular island we dock at. Again, input from you all is appreciated.

Now, we welcome a new player: Edward Marketh as our new handyman who makes weapons in his spare time, and his cat Copper. New bio is up and his first post is also up for all to read. He is eager to post more, so get together with him to post either this chapter or brainstorm over what to do in Elladia.

And Greyfeather the kitling lookout is back from LOA (leave of absense) and will be posting soon too. Welcome back Grey!

Nicholai the cook may be not as much around, due to laptop problems, and Kanya and Fern are both not completely available either. As far as I know, everyone else should be available for joint posting.

A final note on leave of absense: if you feel you can't make it to post this chapter, please let me know. A little pm, shout in the box or an email would do. I can set you to leave of absense until you have time to return. Alternatively, every player can set his own away-status in their account options. Please do so, to avoid being made an inactive user after one month of inactivity.

So, one more week for chapter 2. And one more day till 2012. Be safe, have fun, and if you DO log in on December 31st, don't judge me for being online (I love the site too much).


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