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Steamhawke is an ongoing steampunk story written collaboratively by the members of this site. It is set in an original fantasy world that the writers work together to expand.

In the 19th century the nations of Terra are undergoing a second industrial revolution. Steam power is now so advanced that ships can rise from the surface of the ocean. These "sky ships" come in all shapes and sizes, and mankind uses them for trade, for luxury, and for war.

Always getting themselves into trouble are the Sky Pirates. Whether seen as deceitful villains, or noble romantics, these pirates make names for themselves by plundering other vessels and exploring the world in search of treasure.

The story centres around the crew members of the pirate ship Steamhawke under the command of Captain Daenelia Bradley.

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Chapter 6: Desperate Times
Chapter 7: Going West
Chapter 8: Pirates and Cowboys
Chapter 9: Steam City
Chapter 10: Brakes on a Train

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Write for Steamhawke

Steamhawke is a brand new fictional setting and we are always looking for new people to write with. If you enjoy writing, and like pirates, fantasy or steampunk you should sign up!

It works a lot like role-playing games in that you will join in the story with a new character of your own. Read the Rules and Guide page for more information on how Steamhawke works. In addition, read our Mission Statement for an insight into our goal for the site and its members.

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Latest News Items

» Guess things happen that way

Posted on Sun Oct 12th, 2014 @ 6:39pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty in General News

The story of Steamhawke hasn't finished, but it's clear that nobody is active any more.

For those people looking for an active environment in which to write together with other people, we wish you good luck and would love to know what you find out there.

However, the storyline of Steamhawke can continue, and there are a million stories yet to be told.

If we're hit by a spark of inspiration, we will write some of those stories.

If anybody else writes something, we will read it, react to it, and be proud of it.

We thank every Steamhawke writer for their contributions.

Five and Daenelia

» Some news, since it's been a while

Posted on Sun Aug 17th, 2014 @ 9:55pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley in General News

Hi there, all you writers of Steamhawke, and you readers of Steamhawke; Steamhawkians, 'hawkers, SHers...

Anyway, it has been way too long since the last news update, so here we are with a brief overview of what is going on.

We've slowed down again, and are down to a tight group of writers. Five and I feel that this team is the perfect base for our continuing stories. We've relaxed the posting requirements, as you know, and we're just going to continue as we are, not seeking new members as actively as we have done in the past.

That does not mean we are not accepting new members, it just means that we're happy with what we have now, and don't feel like spending extra time and effort in 'recruiting'.

Storywise, we're still on the train, the pirates are still pretending to be the Peacock family, as far as they can. But they can't hide forever, as there are too many clues on board the train that should point the marshals or clever staff to uncover the hideous truth!

Ana is still out there, the Perrys are almost being forced to stay with the pirates, and the drinks cabinet that Ashrieda and Daenelia found is sure to be almost empty by now.

So, if you have a good idea, and you want to write it out, go right ahead and get to it!

See you soon in a post!

» New character art

Posted on Thu May 29th, 2014 @ 4:08pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley in Steamhawke Offsite

Five surprised me with new commissioned character art, created by Fiona (Pyrochan). I am very happy with them, especially the kitlings. Blazingtail and Catscratch are more or less based on our own cats, and I can tell that Catscratch absolutely has our girl-cat's face and attitude. Mind you, Blazingtail is short, even if he looks huge compared to the little black cat.

The other two are of course the elphin Herring Finn, and Ivan Petrov.

If you have time, visit the dA-page of the artist Fiona Marchbank, or visit her portfolio page.

Also, feel free to gush over how awesome Hyren's character Ivan looks, it might inspire him to write again :)

» A new passenger has knocked on the door

Posted on Wed May 7th, 2014 @ 9:52am by Captain Daenelia Bradley in General News

A little announcement about our latest addition to the team: Andy, who will be bringing Ophelia on board, and her spinster aunt. Ophelia has just knocked on the door of the Peacock's carriage.

That means we have a great opportunity to follow that up with a post about how Ophelia gets captured and held hostage. You can brainstorm with us on the forum about options, possibilities, what sounds like fun, how can we get even deeper in trouble...

Of course at the same time, Omar is still out there on the train, and Laure is trying to find a way to take Brem up on his offer of visiting the carriage. And what happened to Ashrieda, Shanen en Daenelia; that's something that is as good as ready to be posted, right, Shannon? ;)

That's where we are. Unfortunately, Five and I will not be on as much the coming few days, until after the weekend. We've gotten a few new toys (board games...) and are planning a visit to a maritime museum as well. Five has not seen his desk in a couple of days, and this time it is not due to the junk on its surface.

Still, we check stuff, we're available for questions, and general banter. Go on and write :)

» You gotta love the NPCs

Posted on Wed Apr 23rd, 2014 @ 1:20pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley in General News

It's been a while since a news item was posted, so here we go. I decided we need to appreciate the NPCs we have here, and revel in the cooperative creation of them.

There have not been many writers on board who have taken an NPC and gotten to their core, writing them as more than just a prop for their own character to shine off of. But I have to applaud how well NPCs have been written, in a way as the character they were meant to be from the start.

I hope we continue to see NPCs as full characters, with their own backstory and character, and that we keep developing them to be supportive of all characters and the story.

Don't hesitate to write a FULL post from the perspective of an NPC. And when you do use an NPC as a character for your character to play against, keep treating them as real characters, and not props. To see NPCs develop is just as interesting as seeing player characters develop.

Latest Mission Posts

» All come tumbling down

Mission: Chapter 10: Brakes on a Train
Posted on Tue Aug 5th, 2014 @ 8:34pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley

The young marshal sighed and looked at his notebook. He never liked taking statements, there was too much writing involved. He always liked it better if he could bash some heads in. Which was exactly why his superior had put him on administrative duties.

"So, they hit you on the…

» Where there is a will

Mission: Chapter 10: Brakes on a Train
Posted on Sun Jul 6th, 2014 @ 8:47am by Captain Daenelia Bradley

"You what?" Daenelia blurted out, as she was confronted with Colton, Finn and the two hostages. The elderly lady looked near fainting and the young woman was fanning her with a gloved hand.

"Look, 'Nelia, we could have thrown them off the train, or put bullets in them, but I…

» Dead Serious

Mission: Chapter 10: Brakes on a Train
Posted on Thu Jun 19th, 2014 @ 5:25pm by Master Ashrieda Sjaarda

Ana rushed into the suite, looking frazzled. She knew it couldn’t be long before the pirates came looking for her; she should have known they wouldn’t be content to mind their own business.

That was a minor inconvenience though. It simply required a slight change of plans.

She rummaged through…

» This or that

Mission: Chapter 10: Brakes on a Train
Posted on Fri Jun 13th, 2014 @ 5:24pm by Master Ashrieda Sjaarda & Snot Rag Laurence Juhle-Vanco & Mistress Katherine Solias

It had been easy for Katherine to get out of the Peacock suite; the crew members were so infatuated with their new surroundings that they weren’t paying her any mind. She had learned lots about some of their fellow passengers too -- Mrs. Getz from Prussia, recently widowed. Mr. Huxley…

» Opportunity knocks

Mission: Chapter 10: Brakes on a Train
Posted on Sun Jun 8th, 2014 @ 7:38pm by Snot Rag Chops McGinty & Captain Daenelia Bradley & Snot Rag Laurence Juhle-Vanco & Mister Omar Salah & Mistress Ophelia Fortesque-Grey

The door to the Peacock carriage opened slowly. Ivan squinted around the door, trying to hide his facemask, but failing. Aunt Beaufort inhaled sharply and brought her gloved hand to her mouth. She never thought the Peacocks had such an ... interesting butler. Very unbecoming. People might assume this man…

Latest Personal Logs


Posted on Tue Nov 18th, 2014 @ 7:47pm by Master Ashrieda Sjaarda

You can’t take someone’s affections at gunpoint the way you take their coin. That’s a problem when you’re used to just taking what you want.

» Captain without a ship

Posted on Tue Jan 21st, 2014 @ 10:53am by Captain Daenelia Bradley

I miss the ship. I really miss it. The freedom to decide to turn left, right or move on with the wind in your hair... there is nothing like it.

Things have certainly gone wrong since we left the ship behind. Maybe that was a mistake. How does a captain…


Posted on Thu Dec 19th, 2013 @ 10:17pm by Master Ashrieda Sjaarda

that dead man with the machine parts in the doctor’s surgery. Only the machines keeping it running, life-like, but not actually living.

» An errand

Posted on Sun Dec 8th, 2013 @ 10:29pm by Sailor John Colton

Some blondie has asked me to come with him on an errand across town. I don't know where 'Nelia finds these suckers.

At least Sjaarda's coming along too. I've known her since back at the Pass. Girl's young, but she's tough. I trust her to take care of herself if…


Posted on Wed Dec 4th, 2013 @ 10:56pm by Master Ashrieda Sjaarda

I don’t know if Chago did it. I suspect he didn’t, but I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong about people before.

But I do know that we’re not getting out of this damn town until we find out who did it, Chago or otherwise. The Captain doesn’t believe in…

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