3. Technology

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Steam power

It was the development of high-pressure steam power that propelled the nations of Terra into a second industrial revolution. The key to achieving this level of steam pressure is the combustion of a fuel known as dextrocite, which is found underground as an ore. It produces a massive amount of heat when burned, which is perfect for the boiler of a steam engine.

It is also mildly radioactive. Partially refined dextrocite produces dangerous amounts of alkabellum radiation. Those people tainted by the dextrocite suffer horrifying side-effects. Fully refined dextrocite fuel is much safer although life as an engineer is not the healthiest of occupations.

Steam is the only power source strong enough for vehicles. Sky ships depend on steam-power to power their propellers and rise from the ocean. And regular coal would not burn hot enough to provide the colossal Western steam trains with locomotion. The larger the vehicle, the larger the steam engine, although work continues to make these engines more effectie and efficient.

There are also more compact steame engines which are suitable for stationary or portable machines.


Clockwork motors have also developed beyond what was previously thought possible. Springs made of dextrocite alloys have an unusual capacity for storing mechanical energy. This means that clockwork motors can power much larger, heavier and clockwork machines. Aircraft too small to carry steam engines can instead be clockwork-powered, although the flight range of these devices is limited as they need to be wound up from time to time.

It is common for the gears of prosthetics to be powered by clockwork.


The winds of Terra are strong, and they have been used for centuries for farming and for travel. Wind is an important source of propulsion for sky sailing. Although it takes steam-driven propellors to lift ships into the sky, it is important to minimise the need to refuel. For that reason most ships use wind to propel themselves forwards and to change direction. Crews still have the option of boosting the speed of travel by loading fuel into the boilers at a faster rate.


Alchemical compounds are generally not useful as power sources for large-scale machines due to their unstable nature when used in large amounts. They are more useful for producing low amounts of energy over a longer duration. Alchemical lamps can continue to burn for an extended period of time, and can be adjusted just by altering the oxygen flow. Ongoing alchemical reactions have also been used in the analytical engines of automatons.

Exotic power sources

Crude oil has not been discovered on Terra, and top engineers are only now starting to harness electricity.

Background information

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