1. Brief Introduction

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Introducing Steamhawke

Steamhawke is a collaborative roleplay writing site, using Nova 2 software. The site has been active since October 2011, brought to you by Five and Dae. It is set in an original steampunk world and the story takes place on a pirate sky ship.

Site Owners

Five and Dae had previously run open role play games on the various forums. They have been writing together since 2002.


Five's role focuses on writing for 'guest' characters and coordinating the story and the posts. Five created much of the setting and many of the free-to-use NPCs.


Dae writes for the Captain of the Steamhawke, and focuses more on the community behind the site. Daenelia is also responsible for the site design.

Story Leaders

Five and Dae are also Steamhawke's Story Leaders.

Senior Members

For an overview of senior members, visit the 2 Years Awards page. Though these members have no official status, they have been around for a long time and are willing to help new members.


Members and readers can use the external OOC Forum to socialise and discuss the story. Members will need to register an account, as there is no 'bridge' between Nova 2 and SMF forums. You are free to register under your (nick)name or your character name.


The Shoutbox from Shoutmix is what we use for our onsite 'chatbox'. Guests can leave messages. You can either just change your 'guest' name or register an account at Shoutmix to be able to use an avatar and some other 'premium' actions, such as making clickable links. This registration is seperate from the registration at the Steamhawke site.

Linking: buttons and banners

To promote and link to www.steamhawke.com, use the images found on the Linkbuttons and banners page.

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