1. Character creation

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Creating a character

When you join the game you will be asked to write a biography for your character.


There are a number of positions aboard the pirate ship, but if you don't want to be an actual member of the crew you can also be a passenger. You can also contact us to request a specific crew position that you think fits your character.

Character species

You will notice there are four different races to choose from. If you want to role-play a non-human check the races section of the wiki for more information. If you have an even better idea for a race please contact us.


The setting of Steamhawke is wide open. You can create a pirate character with just about any background. Your character could be a traveling alchemist who gets caught up in trouble, a young cabin girl seeking an adventure, a cowboy who wants to pay off his gambling debts, just about anything you can think of.

This is both a pirate story and a steampunk one and the possibilities are endless. Take a look at the Steamhawke Wiki for inspiration. You can invent new nations, colonies, ports and people. They don't all have to be derived on actual 19th century places

Cogs and conjury

Feel free to explore the ways in which steampunk technology and magic have affected your character. Perhaps he/she is a war veteran who has had a lost limb replaced by a metal prosthetic. Or fell into a cauldron of alchemical ingredients as a child and suffers from random magic outbursts.


Your character will be assigned a rank based on their experience and position on the ship. But every player regardless of rank has equal say in how the story develops.

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