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Getting a move on

Posted on Mon Nov 18th, 2013 @ 2:45pm by Captain Daenelia Bradley & Master Holland Jefferson Junior

Mission: Chapter 9: Steam City

"So, how is the new first mate?" Jefferson asked the Captain as he sat down next to her at the table. They both had a mug of coffee with something extra. Jefferson had to admit he missed this, talking to the captain, over something warm and comforting.

"Oh, she... she is great," Daenelia said. "Yeah, a real go-getter." She had to admit, she was impressed with Maraea's work ethic. She was always talking and listening, and offering ideas. In fact, she made the captain feel quite lazy.

"Hm." Jefferson swallowed a mouth full of coffee. "When do we move on? Now that Chago has been arrested, the ground feels a little to hot under my feet."

Daenelia nodded. "Yes, yes, it does." She had heard about the arrest and her first instinct had been to get the rest of her crew out of town, to safety, before they all got arrested. But she refused to leave a man behind. She was in quite a connundrum and she felt trapped.

"What do you think we should do," she asked Jefferson with a smile.

"Oh no," the older man said, as he pushed away from the table, as if distancing himself from his captain physically would also distance him from her metaphorically. "I gave up on that job." He looked at her as her face fell.

"I could ask Maraea," she said. "And I will. She usually has ... unusual ideas."

"Like a rescue mission?"

"No, I wouldn't jeopardise my crew in a futile attempt to free one man. It would land the lot of us in jail, right next to him. No, I don't know what to do anymore. But I do know what not to do." She finished her coffee.

"Well. I am off," she said as she picked up her hat and walked to the door.

"Going to find the First Mate?" Jefferson asked.

"No. Going to find a solution."

Another ship, another wagon train out of Kanesville. It was all possible, leaving it all behind.


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