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Girl Talk 3 - The World Ends With Girl Talk

Posted on Tue Nov 26th, 2013 @ 9:42pm by Sailor Melisande de La Trémoille & Snot Rag Harriet Brooks

Mission: Chapter 9: Steam City
Location: The Workshop in the Dormitories
Timeline: Day 4 - Evening

"Chago," Melisande whispered as she looked at the card Mr. Fotis gave her the night she danced at Hulda's Vaudeville Revue. She grabbed two of her suitcases, one of her normal clothes and the other of "Mary Wilder," an unused emergency identity. With the three murders being associated with the vaudeville hall, and now with Daenelia's approval, she knew what she had to do.

She walked briskly to the workshop, each suitcase in hand. She looked around in suspicion, before she closed and locked the door. With a determined expression, she opened both suitcases, putting all of "Mary's" Old West style jewelry on a tray used for weaponry improvements, and began to look over the clothes in both cases. Melisande moved the full length mirror she intended to use to look over potential armor. She didn't particularly like doing all of this, but "Mary" wasn't suited to vaudeville, which meant finding out what worked. Finally finding an outfit she found suitable, she undressed, putting the dirty clothes on the desk next to the suitcases and the tray. Hearing a loud sound, the woman stopped in her tracks.

“Mel! Do you still have my pants?!” The familiar sound of a very familiar bird could be heard through the door behind Melisande, the clacking of talons on floor growing closer and louder. Suddenly the door swung open. The lock had been badly damaged from the militia busting open the locked door.

Harriet stood, mouth agape with a stupid grin, in the now open doorway staring frozen at the sight in front of her. Melisande it seemed, stood frozen as well, though probably not for the same reasons. A long, incredibly awkward silence grew between them, maintained even as Harriet began looking her human friend up and down several times. Finally, the Icari girl reached down with her wing and pulled the top of her still exposed panties open slightly, glancing inside as she did.

The small Icari looked back up from taking a peek inside her own underwear and gave a big toothy grin up at Melisande. “You’re hairy!” she chirped cheerfully, oblivious to her lack of tact from both her words and actions after having barged in on a changing lady.

"" Melisande started to get out of her dazed fear, "It is a way to show reproductive maturity in humans and...and...close the door!" She ordered Harriet in a panic, pointing to the open doorway, and felt herself blush profusely. It was only now that it all sunk in that not only had Harriet seen just about every intimate detail of her body, she would likely share them to others. She found herself unconsciously crossing her arms over her breasts and crossing her legs. At first she felt relief for trimming herself and thus not being as hairy as she could be, but now she wished for that extra hair for coverage.

Harriet tilted her head to the side to try and get a better look at the parts Melisande was covering, but eventually gave up and sighed dejectedly, closing the door at her friend’s request as she did. “You don’t have to cover yourself, ya’know!” she said, reaching for the clasps on her underwear as she did. “Here! I’ll make you more comfortable!” The fact that Melisande would likely be more disturbed if they were both nude didn't enter her brain in the slightest.

"No! no! I will get dressed." She went over to the nearest suitcase to grab something, anything, to wear. She already got a good peak of Harriet and didn't want to see anymore. The thought of them sitting in a room naked together disturbed her. What would they do other than stare? Harriet looked disappointed at Melisande turning away from her. The girl scooted closer to her friend while circling around to get between the suitcase and her. “But I want to see!” The Icari pouted in the manner of a small child as she spoke. Harriet put one of her wings on her hips to look big, absentmindedly fiddling with a series of small lumps on her stomach using her other wing’s thumb as she did.

Melisande froze again and stared at Harriet's belly, "You have already seen plenty and...are those...are those what I think they are?" Harriet looked down at her stomach, still unthinkingly fondling the lumps on it. Their seemed to be something, or rather a couple somethings, pushing her stomach out slightly from the inside. The Icari girl looked at them for a bit, thinking it seemed, before answering. “Oh! Those are my eggs!” she said with a giggle. “I guess I’ll be laying an extra big bunch soon!” More eggs meant more to eat, a prospect that certainly seemed to excite the girl.

Harriet suddenly realized that she’d been massaging them without thinking this entire time. She looked back up at Melisande, then tucked her wings behind her back and arched her spine slightly to protrude her stomach outward, giving her friend a better view. “You wanna squeeze ‘em?” she said with a cheerful chirp, her pushed out stomach allowing Melisande a decent grip on them if she so desired.

The fear and embarrassment Melisande felt shed away as she stared at Harriet's torso in wonder. Part of her desperately wondered where her pencil and paper were as she wanted to write down her findings instantly, but that would make her friend feel like she was an exhibit. "Really? I can touch?" The woman put out her left hand and at first poked the most prominent egg, "It's hard!"

She quickly became more comfortable touching the chicken sized egg, feeling its overall shape, how far it protruded from her abdomen, mentally cataloging everything for future reference. Harriet began to blush happily. Suddenly the egg turned under Melisande's touch, rolling slightly toward another egg. Harriet giggled in response, her blush deepening. Melisande felt a ting of shame, "Oh! I'm sorry. I did not mean to cause such a reaction." Melisande then took out her right hand, running both hands along her abdomen, finding each egg, and noting its position. Eventually, she let go, looking at the sight she just touched in great detail, tracing everything in her mind.

"Um...thank you," Melisande began to feel the strangeness of the situation sink in, "I take it you will lay your eggs soon?" Harriet returned her posture to normal and put her thumb against her cheek, thinking. “Hmmm...” she hummed to herself. “They usually get hard like that right before they come out so...” The girl paused briefly. “Later tonight? Maybe tomorrow!” she answered, finally concluding her thought. “I can tell there’s a lot more in there than usual; they don’t usually poke out that much!”

The girl looked up at Melisande and smiled. “Why? Did you wanna watch?” she said with a giggle. The woman stood there in shock at the question. She couldn't help but imagine the small Icari squatting, actively pushing out egg after egg. She couldn't help but to be horrified and fascinated by the prospect. Melisande knew it would be very strange to be around Harriet after that, "Uh, I will have to pass." Harriet nodded in response. “Okaydokay! If you’re sure!” she chirped with a smile. Besides, right now Harriet had other things on her mind. Melisande had given her tummy a rub, it was only fair that she return the favor. “Hey Mel! Lemme squeeze your lumps now! You squeezed mine!” Harriet said, her grin widening.

"Wah! I---I just..." Melisande stood in frozen confusion for a while. She certainly didn't want the Icari touching her, but she had to admit there was on odd logic there. Before Melisande could come to her senses, however, she could feel a feathery grasp giving her chest a soft squeeze. With her mouth agape, Melisande simply stood in shock as Harriet squeezed, rubbed, and just generally fumbled with her breasts. Shame raised within her, feeling a part of her soul beginning to retreat. She felt her bosom slap against her chest, that's when she felt the pain as Harriet pressed harder. Feeling herself beginning to shake in response to feeling so violated, she lifted her hands with the intent of shoving the Icari away, finding it hard to move, only of Harriet to let go and move away. Harriet sighed and released her grip. The girl looked at her wings with a pout. “These just aren't very good for feelin’...” she muttered to herself under her breath.

Melisande held on to the desk and began to focus on her breathing. It was only when her shaking lessened that she could look at Harriet. She began to think to herself, "She did not understand. She did not mean to hurt me. I am fine. It will be okay."

"I should have expected that," she whispered as she straightened up. She continued at normal speaking voice, " is supposed to wait for a response before doing something like that. I think I will get dressed now." Harriet cocked her head to the side in confusion at her comment. She’d just given her a little feel. Was that so wrong? However the girl perked up at the mention of getting dressed. She’d nearly forgotten, but Melisande had said she’d show off her clothes! “You were gonna show me your clothes, right? Lemme see!” The girl’s cheery chirps displayed her obvious excitement at the prospect.

Melisande cringed. At the moment she just wanted her to leave, "Can it wait until tomorrow? I have not looked over your pants yet." She began to move over to the clothes she took off. Harriet sulked and moved along with her. “But you’re not even wearing them...” she said with a tint of disappointment to her voice.

The woman tried not to roll her eyes, but failed and sighed, "I would like to wear them. If I were to wear something else it would mean more laundry," Melisande turned to Harriet and realized that it would be quicker if she just showed her the garments quickly. She didn't have to let her touch. Holding up the most extravagant part of her wardrobe, her corset, this one white with pink jewels in various formations, and lace trim, she turned to Harriet, "The doctor let you see this, right?"

"Yep!" Harriet she nodded and grinned. Melisande turned her attention to the garment. First checking the adjustment strings in the back, then wrapping it around her, hooking the clasps, and placing her breasts in the cups. She turned to Harriet, "Now..."

In the brief moment Melisande took her gaze off the inquisitive Icari girl Harriet had managed to discover an embarrassing bit of Melisande’s wardrobe, and was now holding aloft and stretched wide between her thumbs the panties Melisande had been wearing. The girl’s eyes went wide with amusement as she examine just how wide the hips were, although she supposed it made sense considering her friend’s figure. Melisande felt her eyebrow twitch in frustration. She was getting so exasperated she was no longer feeling embarrassment. Seeing the Icari stretch her undergarment like it was a slingshot didn't help her head, which was starting to pound in anger. "Would you stop it and hand me those?"

Harriet’s nose twitched slightly as she examined Melisande’s underwear. The pair was intended to go with her corset, white with little pink gems along the top edge, lace panels on the hip sides, and a tiny bow in the front. The girl cocked her head to the side slightly as it did, almost as if she was considering something. After a very brief pause, Harriet grinned, "Shiny!" Suddenly, a touch of drool leaked out of the corner of Harriet’s mouth. Whatever it was she was smelling, it seemed to have piqued her interest.

"Wah? You can't really..." Melisande began to feel disgust enter her as she saw Harriet's expression, "Hand me those!" She rushed over to her, about to grab her arm when she noticed the Icari's long curled tongue exit her mouth, wrap around the garment, and pull it in her mouth. The girl’s cheeks puffed out slightly to accommodate the large amount of fabric, however within moments the girl emitted a impressively loud ‘gulping’ sound, and the bulge in her cheeks slowly descended downwards, bulging the tiny bird’s throat out slightly as it did. Feeling total revulsion, Melisande stared and glared at Harriet, " dirty underclothes."

Harriet chirped contentedly, as always oblivious to Melisande’s disgust. “Shiny things taste good!” she exclaimed happily as she looked around the room. That’s when it caught her eye. On the shelf in the corner, sitting on a tray, was a marvelously shiny pile of something or other. Harriet found the wheels in her head turning slowly. Shiny tastes good. Pile of shiny over there. Once more a spot of drool slipped from the corner of the hungry bird’s mouth as she found herself marching towards the pile like a magpie to treasure.

Before Melisande could stop the hungry girl, Harriet had snatched up the small tray between both of her wings and lifted it above her head, pouring the glittering contents into her waiting open mouth. Another wet swallowing sound echoed through the tiny work space as a slightly jagged mass worked it’s way slowly down the bird’s small neck, finally dropping down into her stomach with an audible splash and clunk. Finally the girl dropped the small tray in as well, it too making a visible outline in Harriet’s throat before clinking against the rest of the jewelry inside of her.

Melisande simply sighed at this point. Seeing the small Icari eat all of the jewelry in a single gulp, with her neck bulging to accommodate the mass should have surprised her, at least the fact that it didn't hurt her throat, but she was too tired to care. Yet, the splashing and clashing noises of Harriet's stomach, she found unnerving. It sounded like an echo chamber. She had to admit, it was getting to the point where she was starting to not care anymore. Still the bird woman just ate her emergency money for her mission and alchemy certainly wasn't cheap. She looked at Harriet and sighed, "That jewelry was roughly worth 850,000 gold florins."

Her ‘meal’ completed, Harriet rubbed her tummy contentedly, a small burp escaping her lips as she did. She sighed happily, though just as swiftly brought her thumb to her cheek in thought. Turning to face Melisande, the Icari girl rubbed her cheek a couple times and finally spoke. “Those weren't as good as the first thing...” she mumbled softly, still in thought. “The other one smelled a lot better too!” she exclaimed happily with a small chirp, though swiftly returning to her confusion. “Though they didn't smell like you normally do Mel...why’s that?” she quizzed, hoping Melisande could solve the riddle herself.

"Smell?" Melisande stood there puzzled thinking of her activities throughout the day until it hit her like lightning. Her eyes went wide, as her mouth drew open, and her face turned beet red. Looking at Harriet with a particularly disturbed expression she whispered, "Oh gods."

She felt herself shaking again and had to grab a nearby chair so she didn't fall to the ground. She felt intense anger rise in herself. The already pounding headache started feeling like bombs were going off. "I...I have never felt so violated," Melisande whispered, tears falling from her cheeks, until she turned to Harriet and yelled, "Just cough up the jewelry and get out! We... we may discuss the pants later." The emphasis was placed on the word 'may.' Melisande wasn't sure she wanted to see Harriet again anytime soon. She was already thinking of leaving the pants in the kitchen for her to find and leave it at that.

As Melisande yelled and began to tear up, Harriet began to look sad as well. She hadn't meant to make her friend upset. She didn't know exactly what the big deal was, it was just things, but she certainly could tell Melisande was mad at her, as well as upset. That alone made Harriet feel guilty. She wanted her friends to be happy, and if someone had to be sad she definitely didn't want to be responsible for it.

“I... I’m sorry...” she whispered, although it was so quiet Melisande could be forgiven if she didn't even hear it. Harriet’s eyes had begun to tear up slightly as well. The girl rubbed her tummy one more, then coughed slightly as a tiny lump rose up her throat and back into her mouth. With a tremendously loud belch (Especially for so small a girl) Harriet expelled a small cloud of lace bits into the air, along with a tiny bow. The lace fluttered downwards gently to the floor, while the wet bow flew through across the room and bounced against Melisande’s stomach. The girl coughed again, forcing another tiny lump upwards, and with a second, smaller burp spat out a small, golden ring that clattered harshly to the floor.

Melisande wiped her chest in disgust, looking at the tiny bow. She shivered in revulsion at Harriet's belch. It was so unladylike. Yet, the small lace bits that entered the air looked pretty if she didn't know where they came from. It was then she looked at the gold ring and went to pick it up. Suddenly she realized that the underpants were coughed up first and the jewelry second. That detail she found unnerving.

Despite having been lustrous and shiny minutes ago, the ring in Melisande’s hand now looked damaged and worthless. The surface was heavily cracked and pitted as if dissolved, and bits of goo clung in a few of the cracks, causing the material to smoke slightly as the mysterious liquid ate away at the ring before Melisande’s eyes. Even the gems showed signs of damage. Just how potent was an Icari’s stomach?

Melisande responded as calmly as she could, " dissolved gold and gems? Where is the rest?" Harriet rubbed her stomach lightly in response as she looked down at the floor. “That... that’s all that’s left...” she whispered, too guilty to look Melisande in the eyes.

Staring at the wet bow and the destroyed ring, Melisande felt more tears rise within her. It wasn't the undergarment or jewelry themselves, but the symbolism of the violation. The past few days had been hard on her. The panic she felt with Kevin's death, the murders at the vaudeville hall, Chago's arrest, and now being poked, prodded, and feeling a deep sense of shame all hit her at once. She still had to go to the militia station to be interviewed. An act that absolutely terrified her. As well as start the process to go undercover on a potentially dangerous mission. All of it together was just too much to handle.

"Get out! Just...just get out." She put her head down between her folded over arms and began to cry uncontrollably. Harriet looked at the crying woman, feeling tears falling from her cheeks. Looking into the nearest suitcase, she grabbed a pair of clean panties, and closed the door. Hearing Melisande sob harder, she leaned against the door, gaining a determined look. She knew what she had to do.


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By Captain Daenelia Bradley on Wed Nov 27th, 2013 @ 12:48pm

Har-harriet Binx :)

That post had quite some unsettling bits. And you know me, a few too many words, too.

But well done for finishing it.

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