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Posted on Sun Nov 4th, 2012 @ 10:02pm by Master Brem de Berg

Mission: Chapter 6: Desperate Times
Timeline: The Future

He gently caressed her cheek with a gloved hand as she smiled and angled her head into it. "For twenty years now you have been all I have needed" he said before he kissed her lightly on the head. "We've been happy, haven't we?"

"What a strange question" the woman replies, "like most couples we've had our ups and downs but we've come through."

She moved away from him and looked in a mirror on the wall, her hair was as long as ever but had been losing the colouring more noticeably in the resent years and the lines about her eyes seemed deeper but to the man she was still beautiful. She had worn her hair tied back as she always did, but she hadn't managed to keep the stray lock back. She smiled at her reflection and nodded to herself before turning to face the man who she was stood with.

He was wearing a long black leather coat with large buckles down the front. His hands were covered by thick leather gloves and he had an optical implant over his right eye, his head was bald and scared. He held out his arms and said "So how do I look?"

"Oh, like someone up to no good" she replied

"Nothing new there then"

She moved over to him and gave him a hug, he winced slightly before returning it. "How is the pain today?" She asked

"The same as normal for the most part, my right hand is burning slightly but it's not too bad, all things considered." He pulled the right glove down slightly to show her the crack with an unnatural green glow oozing out.

She looked at it and kissed him on the lips before walking towards the door, "We best hurry, you know how Sedrick gets if we're late." With that she opened the door and walked out.

"Daenellia!" he shouted, "have you got the gift?"

"Its next to the flower" she called back.

He turned around and picked up a small wrapped box which was next to a perfectly carved copper rose. "Hmm" he said to the rose "this is all because of you, thank you."


20 years before


The engine room on the Steakhawke was empty apart from Brem, who sat hunched over a bench with his back to the world. He had a little hammer in one hand and a piece of copper in the other. A drawing of a rose sat to one side on the table...


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