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Author Topic: Writing for multiple characters  

Topic Modified: 10/03/13 (09:09) PM
We're often asked questions like "can I have another character?", so I've made this thread to explain our standard answer.

You can write about any character you want, in any situation you want, as long as it continues the story.

The quickest way to write about new characters is... just to do it!  You can write about characters that don't have a biography yet.  We do sometimes have "Guest" characters that have biographies because they are more central to the story, but there are also characters that live in the location that Steamhawke is visiting that may never be mentioned again - these tend not to have biographies.  (A wiki page is welcome)

If you want to add a new recurring character with a biography (NPC) then lets discuss your ideas together.  If you are really serious about concentrating your efforts on this character,  we can swap your "primary"character to the new one and change your original to an NPC.

This is the story of the Steamhawke and its pirates, so it's important that we don't stray too far away from that.  Even when we have guest characters, the story of the chapter still revolves around the crew.  There shouldn't be any ongoing drama elsewhere that the Steamhawke isn't going to run into.


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