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Author Topic: A mermaid;s way of being  

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A mermaid’s way of being

You don’t know, pirate lass, how long I have been watching you and following you. Your father and your elder brother are both among my guards; didn’t you know that your time would come too? You have been a pirate too, and your first love was the sea; it was to be expected that once upon a time you’d be mine to serve. You thought you’d escape me by finding a job ashore… for a while. But no, you can’t, your fate is sealed with mine. This is my way of being – I can choose whenever I want to serve me, and I want you as my lady in waiting. You will be mine.

You are following your lover’s call, inviting you to the feast on that island – he is also one of my devoted servants, but I have chosen him for another destiny, even if his youngest sister is also at my court. You’ll meet her and his whole family soon. You have been told about me, what your parents hadn’t taught you; he did. He reveres me, and I have marked him as my own, to protect him as long as he devotedly is serving me aboard a ship. No, you won’t see him too soon under the water. Actually, I am not sure if ever. He is following you and bidding you good bye while you are boarding the “Black Cormorant” for Kingston – I am there to see you, behind a rock, not far from Basse Terre harbour. Mermaids love pirates, don’t you know?

I am the Queen of the Seas. I am the Queen of the Storms, too. I have started this storm in order to get you and the smugglers aboard this ship among my servants. The “Black Cormorant” is just a nutshell on the waves, and soon it will break. The thunder, the lightening, the thunderbolts setting the ship in fire, all obey me. The ram-waves too. And I am longing for you… For the others, too, but you are the first one to welcome. You are brought to me by a wave I sent for you. The smugglers will come soon afterwards.

Finally, you saw me. It seems your lover has taught you properly how to greet me and what to say. I love this. You will be happy with me.

“Hail, my queen!” you are saying, politely. “Your brother is ruling happily for much more years than I can count!”

Immediately you are hearing my answer:

“And your brother is happy in my arms, your father is my devoted guard… Now it’s time for you to be my lady-in-waiting. I needed you!“

You are obeying my call, but you are asking me to protect your lover. Fair enough, I will! I am promising this to you:

“I know him, yes, his youngest sister is also one of my attendants, his father and uncles are among my guards, together with your father. I will do it. He has another shipwreck in his immediate future, and he’ll survive this third one too. It is true that I have marked him as my devoted slave, but he serves me better from the deck of a ship than here under the sea.”

You follow my beckoning gesture and you come in front of me, receiving my embrace and my kiss on your forehead. You are mine now. You are bound to serve forever the Queen of the Seas.



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