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Author Topic: A Day in the Life - a Guild Wars 2 story  

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Originally posted at Shortcut to Catastrophe

Five Cogs and Daenelia had been vying for the place of second in command to Trahearne for a while now. And Trehearne had seemed to be unable to make a choice. Whenthe asked him, he usually started spouting some long-winded speech about hope and despair, and victory against the odds and the like. It was enough to put both norns to sleep before getting a firm answer one way or another. Sometimes he favoured Five Cogs, addressing him as the Warmaster in command. Sometimes he favoured Daenelia, asking her opinion as Lightbringer. Daenelia confided to Five Cogs she thought it was Trahearne’s clever way of making sure no order felt more important than the other. Surely Efut was treated much the same.

This time the two norns walked into the new headquarters at Fort Trinity, both with their minds set to clear up once an for all who was in charge. Er, as second in command, of course. “He’ll choose me,” Five Cogs said confidently.

“Not if he knows about you dancing naked in Lion’s Arch,” Daenelia retorted.

“Hey, I was not naked.” Five Cogs stares ahead. “I was wearing my swimming trunks.”

Daenelia stared at the male norn. “You realise you have no nipples?” she remarked.

“What are ‘nipples’?” Five Cogs asked.

“Never mind,” Daenelia said, distracted by the large group of people waiting for them at the fort. “This should be easy. Trehearne will talk, we will ask him who is in charge, and we’re out of here,” she added.

“We can be feasting on rabbit stew in ten minutes,” Five Cogs added gleefully.

But as the discussion of Trahearne’s leadership took place, a messenger came running in with grave news. “They… attacked… help,” and he slumped down. Trahearne wasted no time, in an effort to prove he was a fit commander. “You and you,” he said as he pointed to Daenelia and Five Cogs, “Take a team and go find out what happened. See if there are any survivors.”

Five Cogs and Daenelia wasted no time in leaving, lest Trahearne would start philosophising about mortality, and hope, and unity. They set off immediately.

"They're over here!” someone shouted. Daenelia and Five Cogs ran into the cave where a few scholars where hiding and trying to fight off some risen. It didn’t take Five Cogs and Daenelia long to dispatch the enemies. Once the battlefield was silent, Daenelia asked: “You! Scholars! Are you ready to go?”

“Yes!” “No, wait!”"There are others in another cave, we have to help them!”

Five Cogs and Daenelia exchanged glances and sighed. “Ow, alright then,” the tall norn woman said. The second cave’s entrance was at the top of a little hill, and just as the had found the rest of thepart and where ready to go back to camp, a group of risen found its way up the slope.

“Easy to defend,” Five grunted. Daenelia nodded and sent two clones to deal with the first risen charr she saw. Five and Daemelia fought side by side, and even the scholars threw some rocks. Wave after wave came on, until three larger risen, who clearly had seen more battle, lumbered up the slope. But even that was not enough to defeat the two fearsome norns and their party. The three veterans were soon dead.

“That must be it,” Five said as he twirled his pistols in his hands, trying hard to look bored.

“Must be,” Daenelia said, hoping her voice was steady enough to sound confident. They quickly rounded up the party of scholars and made their way down the slope.

But just when they thought they were safe, a voice spoke to them menacingly. “You won’t get away that easy, fools!” A dark figure hovered above the ground near the path to safety. In response to his summoning more evil creatures appeared. Five and Daenelia looked at each other and sighed.

“Ready?” asked Five

“Born ready.”

Rolling to the right, getting up, swing sword, shatter an illusion with a thought. Move to the left, cause confusion, become invisible. Daenelia had been fighting for the better part of the afternoon and felt it all came down to a few moves and defences. Five was throwing bombs, shooting pistols and dodging occasionally.

But they succeeded. The had protected the group of scholars and brought them back to Trahearne who used what they had learned to his advantage. Or so they hoped. Daenelia didn’t listen much when Trahearne went on and on about stuff.

“We should get going,” she said as Trahearne was musing on war, winning, dragons and knowledge. “We have stuff to do.” She looked pointedly at Five Cogs, who seemed to wake up. He quickly thought of what to say. “Eh, yeah. Stuff, we have to do. Like… laundry.”

“Laundry,” Daenelia nodded as she slapped her thigh to show how dusty it had become from all the rolling left and right. “See ya, Trahearne!” She shouted as she ran off with Five.

“Does he ever shut up?” She giggled at Five as they ran on.

“Not unless you stuff bark down his throat,” Five said. It wasn’t a good joke, but Daenelia laughed politely anyway.

As they ran around a corner, they were suddenly surrounded by grawl. Not just one or two, but a whole clan seemed to have decided to take a stroll that day. Daenelia and Five Cogs looked at each other, again, with a sigh.

“You take the ones on the left, I will take the ones in the middle and the right,” Five Cogs said. But Daenelia was already causing mayhem with her clones and confusion, leaving Five to catch up with her.


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