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Author Topic: Not a pirate  

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Daenelia stretched her arms above her head, as she lay in the hotel bed with a smile on her face. Time away from the shop, in a different country, and just looking at new things to bring back. She thought about the shop, of course, but between her mother and her brother it was in good hands.

A discreet knock on the door was her wake up call. "Miss Bradley?" It was the kitling from the hotel desk, the one who dragged her suitcase up. He was an orange furred tom, and quite clever for a kitling. Strong and tall, too. He only stumbled when a black girl kitling passed them on the stairs. She had ignored him completely, but he had stared after her as if she was a goddess on earth.

"I'll be right out, thank you!" Daenelia yelled through the closed door. The kitling pushed his ears back and forth and shrugged, as he left to go downstairs again.

Harling Pass was an unlikely town to find treasures, Daenelia mused as she quickly washed and got dressed. It had plenty of shops, though, and places to be entertained. Must be for all the travelers passing through. It had been one of those travelers who had left something valuable behind. And Daenelia's source had gotten hold of it for her. If he was right, it would be a prize to bring back to Britannia. The elite there were always willing to pay for unusual items.

When she was done, she calmly walked down to the breakfast room. She was served by the little black furred kitling, who seemed much more friendly than at first. Daenelia had just finished her last bite when someone walking into the breakfast room caught her eye. She sighed a bored sigh. Colton had bought a cowboy outfit. Just like when they were kids, he loved dressing up. His hat looked to big for him, the duster was hanging off his shoulders in an awkward way and he seemed to have trouble walking in those boots with spurs.

Her source, because that was what Colton was to her, tried to swagger over but stumbled midway. He only just caught himself on the back of the chair across from her. "Morning, ma'am," he drawled, in what he thought sounded like a tough cowboy voice.

About the only thing that fitted was his unshaven face and his darker skin. "Do you have it?" Daenelia sounded excited as she was already focussing on the item Colton had promised her. He nodded with a grin and quickly sat down, as he placed a brown paper packaged almost on het breakfast plate.

"Open it!" He said it in a happy voice, because he was sure 'Nelia would be impressed, this time.

She beamed at him and tore the paper off. A statuette was revealed. It was shiny, bright, depicting a woman. She looked at the base, felt the texture of the material and even sniffed it.

She sighed. "It's fake, Colton." His face fell.

"What? No!" He grabbed the statuette. "They said it was real! They had a document and everything!" He rummaged in his bag.

"Oh, they told you it was real? Oh, well, then it MUST be," Daenelia sneered. She pushed the statuette away. "Got anything else, Dolton?"

Colton cringed at the nickname. "Please don't call me that," he said, as he stopped searching his bag. "Look, there are other things here." He had been surprised to see quality workmanship machines and toys. Plenty of things to bring back.

Daenelia scowled. "Here? In Nowhere Town? Nothing like what you promised me," she said with a pout.

He started to put the statuette back in his bag, but Daenelia touched his hand to stop him. "You know," she said with a sly smile, "no on in Britannia would know it wasn't real." She winked at him.  A slow smile crept on Colton's face. "Ohhh," he said, as he let Daenelia take the statuette.

"So, what else?" She got up and threw a woollen shawl over her shoulders. Colton started rambling on about what he had found, as they exited the hotel.

"Oh," he said, as they walked down the main street. "Bianca wanted to invite you over for dinner tonight." He blushed as he mentioned his wife. Somehow it felt strange to see his childhood crush and his wife together in the same room. Even stranger when they got along so well. But Bianca said she saw 'Nelia as the sister she never had. And 'Nelia enjoyed telling Bianca all the embarrasing stories of them growing up together. It should have been embarrasing, but Colton actually found himself enjoying their banter.

"Yes!" Daenelia said loudly. "I am dying to tell her about that time we played train robbers. I just remembered that the other night when I heard some people mention the train from Columbus City."

Colton smiles. "Okay then," he said. "First, let's go to the hardware store. They have something you will love."

'Nelia nestled her hand on his arm, pressing close. "I can't wait," she said. Colton wasn't sure whether she meant to see the gadget, or to tell his wife the embarrasing stories...


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