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Would it be better if we picked a proposed end date at the start of a new chapter?

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Author Topic: Setting an end date at the start of a chapter  

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I looked through the chapters and how long each lasted. Mostly we have been taking longer each time, to wrap up a chapter. There are a few chapters that lasted 6 months, when we originally set out to have each chapter last somewhere between 1-1.5 months.

So would it help to focus the posts, by picking a proposed end date at the start? Would it feel too constructed, or would it help to have a deadline?

Learned my lesson: only 2 answers available. :P


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Re: Setting an end date at the start of a chapter

« Reply #1 » Published on:February 18, 2014, 08:42:16 PM


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There have been some chapters that were genuinely story-packed and deserved that extra time.  You never know when a chapter starts what kind of chapter it's going to be, and I like that.  But I've always had a "feel" for when the chapter has gone on long enough.


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