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Author Topic: Willing to write with Maraea! (And not only)  

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I am thinking which of my characters should have a story with Maraea first, and in what circumstances... 

I guess the difficulty is how to start now some connections which in story time should have been established already. Because theoretically they are acquainted already for a while, and it is also tricky that the normal things Maraea would be in charge with at sea, justifying the interaction, can't happen while in a city in the middle of the land.

So... what would Maraea want to do in Kanesville?

I think, upon her establishment as a first mate, no matter that they aren't aboard the ship anymore, she should meet Kevin Price, the quartermaster, and tell him to change her position in the ship roster. Because the quartermaster is in charge with the articles and roster, with watching that the shares are split how it should, and a first mate has right to a share and a half, while before she had only one share, so yes, the change in the roster is necessary.

This would be a first thread... (I might start it tonight). But I am open to any other ideas involving Leftheris or Chago (well, Chago less now because he'd be... busy with the authorities soon. We are working on it).


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