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Author Topic: Availability and activity  

Topic Modified: 17/10/13 (11:42) AM
Crew Activity Report in Control Panel
Every member on Steamhawke has access (or should have access) to the Crew Activity report. If you do not have this, contact Daenelia. Crew Activity can be found at the bottom of the Control Panel side menu, under Reports.

Why check crew activity?
Though as a member you can check individual user accounts to see the last log in, you can have a good overview in the Crew Activity report of all members. This helps you determine who is active and who has been absent with or without notice. Members who have set their status to LOA or ELOA usually plan on returning. Members who have not been able to log in for weeks, and havent posted in months, are unlikely to respond or edit current joint posts in the short term.

Finding a partner
Crew Activity is a tool to help you determine who might be in need of a posting partner. By looking at the last login dates and posting dates, you can pick a partner who is currently active. Contact them by private message or simply start up a post with them.

You can leave a message for your fellow writers in the Secret Cabin. Because this is only visible to the writers, you can leave a bit more information if you like to share.

Use your account status setting: Leave of Absence or Extended Leave of Absence. Every member can set their own account to indicate they are away from keyboard, computer and/or internet for whatever reason. You do not need to share the reason. There is no penalty if you do not set your status to away. Howeverm after a period of about 6 weeks, your account will be deactivated and reactivated at your request, should you return.

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Real Life Comes First
Which is why it is no problem if you do become inactive and you can always come back when you have more time. This is why it is also not a problem if we move the story further if someone becomes inactive.


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