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Author Topic: An engagement token crafted with love  

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An engagement token crafted with love

Once upon a time, there was a young female white pointer shark which wanted to see closer something big and totally new for her. Unfortunately, that big new shiny thing proved to be a ship… with a harpooner on it. Therefore, the young white pointer became soon a meal for the hungry crew, and its teeth, the harpooner's trophy. He extracted the teeth – first a few of them, then others… But until the upcoming holiday, he had time to extract, properly clean and pierce only a few. They got pierced with the ship carpenter’s thinnest tool passed through fire, then a fine leather strip got through the holes, in order to make them into a trophy necklace.

So, here I am, the shark teeth necklace made with love for a special girl, and offered to her as an engagement token, the very day of Saint John's summer feast, by the fire. No gold ring with precious gems had ever been more precious for her. The spark in her eyes, when admiring her lover’s workmanship and when hearing the simple words he had described the hunt of the shark, was priceless. “It is different to have something made by him instead of bought by him”, she thought, wearing it with pride after having asked him to fasten it at her neck.

He had told her, after giving it to her, that the white pointer shark had brought them good luck. The newly taken ship got its name – “Twilight Shark”, as the hunting had happened at dusk – and the brave harpooner who succeeded to feed a hungry crew of mutineers got elected their captain.

The girl, the new captain’s fiancee, was even happier that she had something in common with his ship – both sailor’s loves were connected by the white pointer shark’s tokens.

I am cherished, and kept upon her cleavage, reminding her of the lover whom she has just learnt that for her is lost for ever.

Yes, the proud harpooner, the captain of the “Twilight shark”, won’t be able to marry her at the end of the war, as he had promised. An enemy had ambushed him in a port, finding a better solution than killing him: as the young captain wasn’t exactly white, he got sold to the first slave trader in port. Nobody knows his whereabouts, and on which island he might have been sold again to a slave owner.

I am the only concrete souvenir she has from him, the engagement token. And her grief when hearing the bad news was sharper than the teeth I am made of.



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